NEXUS : Fuel Efficiency Precise Control

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Fireye Nexus controller

Fireye Nexus is a "state of the art", fully integrated, burner management and combustion management controller. The controller (pictured right) provides user configurable, control and safety monitoring of the complete burner firing process. Local user access is via a 20 character, vacuum fluorescent, full text message display and tactile keypad. The controller modulates the firing rate of the burner while simultaneously adjusting independent positioning motors. This maintains the optimum fuel-air ratio and efficiency throughout the whole of the burner firing range, via the selected fuel profile. Servo positioning accuracy of 0.1 of an angular degree is achieved and several fuel profiles can be selected. Additional positioning motor and/ or variable speed drive output channels, are optionally available.

Full on board system diagnostics, continually monitor the safe operation of all system components. Positioning motors are continually cross-checked using shaft mounted precision potentiometers and all measuring sensors are fully approved self-checking devices. The Nexus control system allows any burner new or old to be optimized to the fullest extent possible within the mechanical constraints of the burner mixing head. Once programmed, the parameters of the system and the selected fuel/air ratio are constantly and precisely maintained. Two selectable PID control loops ensure that the minimum amount of fuel is used to meet the output load requirements at all times.

With over 60 years experience in the combustion industry, Fireye has begun the process of introducing the system into the field, both in the US and Europe. Applications range from smaller burners, running school heating, to factories, to larger industrial applications.